Terms and Conditions


1.1 The various clauses which are explained here can regulate your ways of using our website.

1.2 Whenever you are utilising our websites, it means you are adhering to our clauses and terms, in full. Thus, whenever you disagree or partly dismiss some of these conditions and clauses, it implies you should not use our website.

1.3 In order to present any stuffs or matters to our website or use the website as per your needs, you need to register first and then you will be required to accept all the terms and conditions which are already mentioned.

1.4 The minimum qualification to use our website is 18 years of age; by accepting all the different clauses and terms of our website, you are indicating that you are of 18 years of age or above.

1.5 Cookies are used often in our website, so by accepting all the various clauses and using our website, you are giving your assent to use our cookies as per our terms, which are prescribed in our cookies contract and privacy clauses.

Copyright provisions

2.1imicrolancer.com is a copyright website.

  • Expressed terms and conditions are:
  1. We and our licensors are the owners of all the copyrights and other intellectual property rights of our websites as well as the materials published in our websites.
  2. The copyrights, other intellectual property rights and materials published on our website are all reserved.
  3. Licensing Policies
    • you can do the following things :
  4. Visit our website pages in a web browser.
  5. Website will allow you to download pages.
  6. Print pages from our website.
  7. Download various audio and video files from our website.
  8. Take the benefits of our website services with the help of a web-browser.

in accordance with other clauses in terms and conditions.

  • It will be highly offensive if you download or save any content or stuffs beyond the permitted section 3.1 or other clauses mentioned in terms and conditions.
  • Our website cannot be used for any other reason except for your business or personal purposes.
  • You cannot edit or change any content featured in our website except the ones allowed by the terms and clauses in the contract.
  • If you do not own or hold any substantial rights in the materials, you cannot :
  1. Do the republication work from our website.
  2. Sub-license, lease or sell content from our website.
  3. Make any material public.
  4. Use the materials for materialistic purpose.
  5. Redistribution of materials from our website.
    • Irrespective of section 3.5, you can re-distribute materials in printed form to any other person.
    • There is a restriction of rights to access certain areas in our website, you cannot introspect or attempt to intervene in any restriction related measures in our website.

Acceptable utilisation

  • things which you cannot:
  1. Utilise our website or cause impairment to the website which can affect the performance level as well as approachability of the website.
  2. Use our website for illegal or fraudulent activities.
  3. Utilise our website to save, store, utilise, send, publish or allocate any stuffs which includes deadly viruses like Trojan, worm, rootkit etc.
  4. You are not eligible to carry out any data mining, data extraction, data harvesting or any automatic data accumulation activities without the written consent from our superiors.
  5. Make contact with our website by using any robots or spider.
  6. Violate the dictums used in robots.txt file for our website.
  7. Utilise the data accumulated for direct marketing pursuits
    • You are not eligible to use any data from our website to reach to individuals, business houses or other persons or firms.
    • All the information provided by you through our website should be genuine, up-to-date and not at all misleading.

Maintenance of accounts and registration

  • You must be of minimum 18 years of age, in order to open an individual account in our website.
  • For registration procedure to be completed, you have to submit all your details and information on our website and then click on the verification link in your email which will be sent by our website.
  • Whenever there is any unlicensed use of your account, you should notify us immediately in writing.
  • You should not use any other individual’s account without that person’s expressed consent to do so.

Use of user-ids and passwords

  • As soon as you register in our website, you will be given a password and a user-id. The Password and username can also be provided by you.
  • The user-ids can’t be misleading and has to be in accordance with all the rules and regulations provided in section 9; you cannot represent another person using an username and password.
  • The password should be kept secret.
  • If you by chance disclose your password to anyone, you should immediately inform us in writing.
  • You will be solely responsible for any activity on our website due to your failure in keeping the password confidential and you will have to bear the consequences arising out of it.

Procedures for suspension and cancellation of your account

  • Your account can be suspended or cancelled as well as can be edited, anytime in accordance to our needs without any prior notice or announcement.
  • You have the liberty to cancel your account from our website, through the help of your account control panel on the website.

The licensing policy of your content

  • Over here, the content includes all your works and stuffs like texts, graphics, pictures, audios, videos, scripts and files which you sent us on our website for publishing, storage and transmission purposes through our websites.
  • You are allowing us to have a worldwide license to use or publish your materials or content in relation to our website or in any successor websites with your assent on this matter.
  • You are giving us the right to sub-license the rights mentioned in section 8.2.
  • We can also bring an act of infringement of the rights licensed under section 8.2.
  • You have to waive off all your noble rights in your content to the highest level in accordance with the law.
  • You can also edit your content with the help of our editing functions available in our website.
  • If you are found breaching any clauses mentioned in our terms and conditions, or if we suspect you of breaching in any way, all your content can be edited, deleted or unpublished.

The rules of content

  • Your content must comply with all the terms and conditions of the contract.
  • Your content should not be illegal or fraudulent and should not infringe anyone’s legal rights.
  • As per the terms and conditions, your content should not:
  1. Be defamatory or viciously false,
  2. Be lewd and detestable,
  3. Contravene any rights related to copyright, moral rights, database rights, design right or any other intellectual property right.
  4. Contravene anyone’s right of privacy, data protection legislation and confidence,
  5. Contain delinquent statements and facts,
  6. Promote any criminal activities,
  7. Be Involved in any sort of breaches or contempt by any court,
  8. Breach any religious belief or racial hatred,
  9. Be profane,
  10. Contravene any professional secret legislation,
  11. Breach any contractual responsibility owing to any other person,
  12. Contain explicit graphical visualisations,
  13. Be obscene and vulgar in any terms,
  14. Be erroneous, incorrect or unreliable,
  15. Contain any information or facts which may cause any sort of loss, damage, illness, injury or even death,
  16. Constitute spams,
  17. Be anti-social, defamatory, deceitful;, illegal, unscrupulous or illicit,
  18. Create any sort of unnecessary anxiety or tension in any person.
  19. Minimum warranties
    • We cannot give you any assurance or warranties on:
  1. a) Our material updated on the website is current,
  2. b) The information posted there are accurate and
  3. c) The services on the website or the website in whole will always be available.
  • We have the ultimate authority to discontinue or modify our website and its services anytime, whenever we find it suitable without any prior notice or announcement as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract. You won’t be able to claim any compensation or payment because of disruption or alteration of any services in our website even if we don’t publish anymore.
  • In consideration of maximum extent allowed by law and subject to section 11.1, we can exclude the warranties associated with materials of these terms and clauses, our website and utilisation of our website.

Where the liabilities are excluded or barely minimum

  • The liabilities won’t be excluded or limited in case of:
  1. a) Death,
  2. b) Personal injury due to sheer negligence,
  3. c) Fraudulent misrepresentation,
  4. d) Not lawfully authorised.
  • The limitations and exclusions of liabilities are all subjected to section 11.1 as well as all the liabilities in case of contracts or violation of statutory duties are monitored by these terms and conditions.
  • As long as our websites provides services free of cost, we are not responsible for any loss or damage of any type.
  • We are not responsible for any loss due to some reasons which are out of our hands.
  • We are not at all liable to you in case of any business loss irrespective of income, profit, use, savings, contracts, goodwill or production.
  • We are not liable for any loss due to corruption in any database or software related matters.
  • We are not liable to you in case of eventful loss or collateral damage.
  • We believe in restricting the personal liability of our staffs and employees and keeping that in mind, we are a limited liability entity. You should agree that you wont claim anything personal against our officers and staffs in relation to any losses which arises due to website services or due to any of these terms and clauses.

Infringements of terms and conditions

  • if you are found to breach or contravene any terms and conditions or even if we suspect, we may do the following things:
  1. you will get one or even more formal warning,
  2. temporary suspension of access to our website,
  3. permanent prohibition in using our website,
  4. we can block your i.p address from further access to our website,
  5. we can contact your service provider so that he can block your admission to our website,
  6. legal actions can be taken,
  7. Our website can delete your account.
    • If we block or suspend your account so that you cannot get access to our website, you are not liable to take any action against our prohibition or blocking.

Revision of terms and conditions

  • Timely modification is required in terms and conditions.
  • The modified terms and conditions will be applicable on the usage from the date of publication of these new revised terms and conditions and you have to relinquish any rights in regards of some notification or consent. We will send you a written document where all the revised terms and clauses will be clearly mentioned, and it will be applicable to the use of our website from the time the notice is circulated. Now if you have any problem regarding the revision, you can abstain yourself from using our website.
  • In case you have given an express agreement on terms and conditions, another express agreement will be required in case of revision of clauses, and if we don’t get that agreement within a stipulated time period, we have the authority to delete your account from our website and you cannot log in.


  • When you accept the terms and conditions, you agree to our transfer, allocation, assignment and sub-contract our various rights and/or obligations.
  • You are not at any liberty to assign, sub-contract, and transfer or differently deal with any of your rights or obligations without out prior written consent or approval in respect of these terms and conditions.

Unlawful provisions

  • if any of the provision present in terms and conditions are considered to be unlawful by any court or some supreme legal authority, the rest of the provisions will be in effect.
  • If any illegal provision present in these terms and conditions becomes legal and lawful if we delete a certain unlawful portion, the remaining part of the provision will not affected and continue to be in effect.

Third parties

  • All the terms and conditions are made according to our benefits and your benefits; they are not at all made for satisfying any third party interests.
  • The rights highlighted in these terms and conditions are not at all exercised according to third parties consent.

Supersede previous agreements

  • The terms and conditions coupled with our privacy policies and cookies policy and subject to section 11.1 constitute the whole agreement between you and me for using our website. It will supersede all other previous agreements which we entered in relation to your use of our website.

Legal jurisdiction

  • All the terms and clauses in the agreement are constructed in accordance with the Philippines law.
  • If any legal disputes arise due to these terms and conditions, it should be dealt in the exclusive or non exclusive jurisdiction of courts of Angeles, Philippines.