With the help of iMicroLancer, you find the chance to turn your hobby, knowledge or talent into a permanent flow of income. By investing in the prospect of slef-promotion, you can keep your customers happy and in good terms by performing well and giving them quality services. As you go on doing better in the job, you will be provided with higher statuses that will open now doors and prospects of better commerce and higher earnings too.



With the completion of 200 USD worth of assignments and orders within a period of 30 days and you have also managed to keep your customers satisfied and earned a reputation that is more than 90 percent. Congratulations! You have achieved yourself the status of Rookie.


When you have finished two months of diligent work and completed 1000 used sales limit, you have shown your talent like the true master of tiny trade, with a reputation of over 95 percent. You have earned the status of the master and just keep up with the good work to reach the higher ladders of success.


If you have reached this status, then you are most welcome to the most coveted iMicroLancer Expert Elite. You have worked very diligently to achieve the highest status of the expert. Your status reflects that iMicroLancer has proved to be serious source of income for you and has become your full time job. There is no looking back now as you reach the summit of prosperity and success.


It is very easy to post a service in iMicroLancer and it is 100% free. We take only a small percentage as commission from every successful transaction. The variation in the fees depends upon the total value of the successful transaction as well as the status that is achieved by the seller.

Commissions per level

Percent per level
Level 0
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Commission for values: 0 - 20 USD
Level 020%
Level 120%
Level 220%
Level 320%
Commission for values: 20 - 100 USD
Level 019%
Level 117%
Level 215%
Level 313%
Commission for values: 100 - 500 USD
Level 018%
Level 116%
Level 214%
Level 312%
Commission for values: 500+ USD
Level 011%
Level 110%
Level 29%
Level 38%