Hello, my name is Da’Baurrzyae Burgess and I am a student from Kingstree Senior High School in South Carolina. I don’t use social media for much, just for looking out for news and such. I can’t even remember the last time I tweeted on my Twitter account. However, I do know that social media has a lot of different benefits for people with different needs, whether it be a job or just advice. For me, social media serves a different purpose: games. I really enjoy video games, meaning I like to be involved with anything that has to do with them. Social media like Instagram or Twitter benefit gamers by keeping them updated with news from their favorite gaming companies, allowing them to view gaming related content from the community, and brings gamers together.

Social media allows people to stay updated with all of the latest news with gaming. There are companies such as Nintendo and Sony that are always giving their customers information on new and upcoming things such as events, sales, and celebrations. Even though they already do this by sending information to their latest consoles via the internet, posting on social media allows them to be more descriptive and in-depth with their announcements. This is also good for people that don’t have certain consoles but still would like to stay updated on what a gaming company has going on for them, For example, I own a Nintendo 3DS and one of my favorite game franchises of all time is Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts isn’t really a Nintendo game though, so whenever a new Kingdom Hearts game comes out, I wouldn’t be able to know by looking on my 3DS. Thanks to social media, I was able to discover that a new Kingdom Hearts game was coming out next year with new worlds to explore, including the world of Toy Story. News from video game companies isn’t the only thing gaming is good for on social media.

Social media also allow people to share their latest ideas and gaming content, which is good for gamers that really want to stay up-to-date. Lots of gamers use Twitter to give their followers and subscribers a heads-up when they upload a new YouTube video or when they’re going to attend some event. For example, a popular gamer/Youtuber known as Alpharad  once uploaded a video on YouTube stating that he was going to do a giveaway. The prize was a Nintendo Switch and a copy of ARMS. Even though people could have more than one entry, his giveaway had over 300,000 entries total. If Alpharad only announced this contest on his YouTube video, not as much people would’ve known about it. Social media and gaming doesn’t stop at content though.

Social media has the ability to bring people together. Lots of people who play games together from around the world stay connected, with social media being one of several ways. For example, games that are compatible with Facebook may have the ability to use your friend list to keep you updated on progress that friends make, and vice versa. Also, content creators such as VanossGaming, Alpharad, and SeaNanners have friends that they play games with. They most likely stay connected with each other on Twitter. They aren’t the only ones. Lots of people, including myself, have met people that enjoy games on some type of social media. There’s even one dedicated to gamers only called Discord, where gamers can create and join servers to chat about all things gaming.

In conclusion, social media is an important thing to gamers, They keep us updated with news from gaming companies, gives us gaming related content and ideas from content creators, and brings gamers together. Gaming hasn’t always been a part of social media, However, they’re becoming more and more aligned as time goes by. I can only say that for gamers, social media can only take them uphill from here on out,