Privacy Policy

  1. Prelude

1.1 We work 24/7 to ensure full privacy to our website visitors; this policy highlights the ways in which we will handle your confidential information.

1.2 Your assent to our usage of cookies is required as per our terms and conditions mentioned in the policy, whenever you visit our website for the first time. If you use our website it means you gave your assent to use our cookies according to the clauses mentioned in the policy.

  1. Compilation of personal data

2.1 We may gather, save and apply the following types of personal information:

a) Data related to your computer and your visits and use our website including geographical location, i.p address, operating system, website navigation, page views, referral source etc.

b) Your email id has to be provided in our website at the time of registration.

c) Various details like name, profile pictures, gender, date of birth, relationship status, interest and hobbies and educational details should be provided on our website.

d) Your full name and email id has to be provided on our website to subscribe our email notifications and newsletters.

e) The timing, frequency and pattern of service use has to be provided to use to use our services in our website.

f) any information regarding your purchase of goods/services/goods and/or services or any other trading which you do through our website mentioning your name, address, phone number, email id and card details.

g) Any data or information which you need to post in our website to be published on the internet should be done with your user name, profile picture along with your main content.

h) Information in relation to our communication like content and the meta-data in relation with that content, which you send us through our website.

i) Any other personal details which you send us.

j) Details of other collected confidential data.

2.2 To disclose the personal details of another person, you have to get that person’s approval to disclose as well as process that information accordingly to the website policy.

  1. Use of personal details

3.1 Whatever personal data and information is provided to us via our website can be used in accordance with the terms prescribed in the policy or on any substantial pages of our website.

3.2 Your data may be used to:

a) Manage our website and its business,
b) Customise our website according to you,
c) Modify your purpose of using our website,
d) Deliver you goods which you purchased from our website,
e) Supply you the services which you purchased through our website,
f) Transmit statements, payment reminders and invoices to get payments from you,
g) Transmitting non-marketing business communications,
h) Send you mails which you have requested for,
i) Sending our emails and newsletters as per your request,
j) Transmitting marketing communications in relation to our business requirements or some third-parties which might interest you somehow, by post or in whatever means you have agreed via emails and similar technology. If you don’t need marketing communications, you should inform us.
k) Third parties will get statistical data about our users but they can’t identify an individual from that data,
l) Address all the queries and complaints in relation to our website,
m) Website must be secure and devoid of any dupery,
n) Corroborate the compliances with all the terms and conditions monitoring the use of our website including checking of private messages sent from our website’s texting service,
o) Other purposes.

3.3 When you sent us some of your personal details to publish on our website, we will publish it and use that material in a way you allow us to do.

3.4 you can limit the right of publication of your data on our website in accordance with your privacy settings and it can be altered by using privacy controls on the website.

3.5 We won’t provide any of your confidential details or personal information without your permission to any third party for the purpose of direct marketing or any other reason.

3.6 Our payments service provider handles all the transactions of financial nature on our website. Your details will be shared with these providers to the extent they are required to be shared, for the purpose of making payments and processing them through our website, and refunding other payments and tackle with all the complaints and enquiries, in relation to those payments and refunds.

  1. Revealing personal data

4.1 We have the right to disclose your personal data to any of our employees, staffs, officers, agents, insurers, suppliers or contractors, if necessary as mentioned in the policy document.

4.2 Your information can also be revealed to any member associated with our company and its subsidiaries as well as the actual holding company and its subsidiaries, if at all necessary as per the policy clauses.

4.3 Your personal information can be revealed:

a) if the law requires you to do so,
b) In accordance with any potential legal proceedings,
c) In case of establishing, safeguarding and implementing our legal rights and letting out information to prevent frauds and reduce credit risk.
d) To the buyer of any business or the person whom we are selling,
e) To a person who will move the court or any higher authority in respect of the disclosure of personal information, where in my belief that court or authority will order the revelation of that personal detail.

4.4 Apart from the terms in the policy, we won’t be revealing your personal data to any third parties.

  1. Global transfer of data

5.1 All the data collected and stored can be transferred across various countries where we operate in order to use that information as per the terms prescribed in the policy.

5.2 The necessary information can be transmitted to following countries where they do not have the same data protection law which is prevalent in European economic area: US, Russia, India, China and Japan.

5.3 Whatever personal information you provide on our website for the purpose of publication or nay other use can be circulated around the world via internet. We won’t be able to stop any use or misuse of your details or information by other people or entities.

5.4 You have expressly given your consent in transfers of personal information detailed in section 5.

  1. Holding back your personal information

6.1 this section mainly with our data retention polices and terms which are formulated to ensure that we adhere to all the legal obligations which arise due to preservation and deletion of personal records and data.

6.2 The personal information which is required by us for a particular purpose should not be held back for long after the completion of that purpose.

6.3 Apart from the provisions which are mentioned in section 6, we can retain your documents consisting personal data:

a) When you are required to do according to law,
b) If the documents are relevant enough for the futuristic legal proceedings,
c) For purpose of protecting and safeguarding our legal rights to prevent fraudulent activities and reduce credit risk.

7.1 required technical and practical organisational precautions in order to protect your personal information from any loss, misuse and changes.

7.2 secure and safe servers are used to store your personal information.

7.3 encrypted technologies are used for protection of electronic financial transactions which are entered by you via our website.

7.4 If you find any information over the internet innately unsafe and insecure, we won’t be able to take any guarantee of the authenticity of data over the internet.

7.5 Your password to access our website will be safe and secure with you, we won’t ask for it.

  1. Amendments

8.1 constant modifications are always in process in respect of update policies.  The newer versions will be uploaded on our websites.

8.2 To be happy with the changes you have to constantly check this page from time to time.

8.3 we will inform you about any changes of policy through mails or private texting technology from our website.

  1. third-party websites

9.1 Third party website details and hyperlinks are found in our website.

9.2 we cannot exercise any control on third party’s privacy policies and clauses.

  1. Latest information

10.1 In case any information is altered recently, kindly update it on our website.

  1. Cookies

11.1 cookies are used in our office.

11.2 cookies are defined as files consisting strands of letters and digits which is sent to a particular web browser via a web server to get stored. This strand of letters and numbers is known as identifier and it is reverted back to the main server each and every time whenever there is a page request from the main server.

11.3 cookies are of following types: persistent or session. Persistent cookie is saved by a browser and will be valid till it gets expired unless it the user deletes it before the expiry date. Session cookie will get expired with the termination of user session or whenever the browser gets closed.

11.4 cookies don’t consist of any personal information which can identify its user but the information may be associated with the data stored in or received from cookies.

11.5 Our website uses both the cookies: persistent and session.

11.6 Many web browsers can give you permission to say no to cookies, such as:

a) 10th version of Internet explorer allows you to block cookies by using various cookies related settings. Click ‘tools’, ‘internet options’, ‘privacy’ and then ‘advanced’ to block cookies.
b) 24 th version of Firefox allows you to block cookies, click ‘tools’, ‘options’, ‘privacy’ and then select the custom settings from drop down box menu and untick, the accepting terms.
c) 29 th version of chrome allows you to jam all cookies, by clicking on ’customise and control’ menu and then click ‘setting’ and then some advance and content setting option must be clicked to block the cookies.

11.7 A negative impact is generated if you block all cookies

11.8 If you block the cookies, you won’t be able to use all the services provided by our website.

11.9 You also have an option to delete cookies, which are already saved in your computer, like:

a) In 10th version of internet explorer, you can delete various cookies data and compilation by logging in
b) 24 th version of Firefox allows you to delete cookies by clicking various setting and tools options across the menu area.
c) in 29th version of Chrome , you will be able to delete all cookies by clicking various settings and cookies deleting options.

11.10 Many websites can’t be surfed properly if you delete all the cookies.


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