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The forum Business Climate Morocco organized by The Moroccan Confederation of Enterprises (CGEM) is expected to open on July 6 in the city of Casablanca. The conference will happen with the central theme “The New Low Carbon and Resilient Economy for Climate Change: Opportunities for African Business.”

According to the organizer, this forum will serve as the platform for the different business entities and organizations to tackle the evolution of the climate issues and its impact on the economic actors and at the same time, to create a framework of exchange and sharing for African establishments and job creators, regarding their visions, initiatives and activities in preventing the harmful effects of climate change. At the official opening of the forum, the attendance of the President of CGEM, Miriem Bensalah Chaqroun; Aziz Rabbah, Minister of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development; the Secretary of State for Sustainable Development, Nezha El Ouafi; and the President of COP22, Salaheddine Mezouar are expected in addition to the 20 employers, representatives of international organizations and climate experts.

This first edition will be marked by the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Secretary of State for Sustainable Development and CGEM. A partnership agreement between the State Secretariat for Sustainable Development, CGEM and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) will also be observed.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, Casablanca city is the most industrialized and business focused region of the Kingdom of Morocco. Many companies and other industries are located in Casablanca, and it is appropriate to organize the first Business Forum for Climate Change to reinforce the programs and strategies that will curb Climate Change. It is necessary that all the players who mean the businesses and the people to cooperate to take the issue of climate change more seriously as it will not only affect the economy of Morocco as well as the health of its communities.

To prove that Casablanca is the economic capital of Morocco, the region of Casablanca-Settat has recently approved MAD3.2 million of investment projects which will create more than 763 direct jobs, according to a statement from the Casa-Settat Regional Investment Center.

The industry which represents a cement plant in El Jadida, a concrete plant in Settat and four agri-food projects in El Jadida, Settat and Berrechid accounts for 77% of investments and 45% of employment. The real estate sector, on the other hand, accounts for 34% of the jobs and 19% of the investments mobilized mainly by social housing projects in Mohammedia and two urban projects in Hay Hassani. The Casablanca-Settat Regional Investment Commission has also authorized the project to build a tramway storage center, two tourism projects in El Jadida and Benslimane and a waste treatment project in Berrechid. About the side events of the said forum, the first meeting of the Marrakech Business Action Network for Climate “MBA4 Climate” will be included. It will be devoted to the organization and mode of operation of the network and the procedures to be taken with a view of involving the private sector in COP23. Designed by the CGEM during the COP22, the MBA4 Climate Network currently mobilizes 46 employers to implement the Paris Agreement, attending the governments to fulfill their commitments under this agreement, and the promotion of the emergence of the new green economy.